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  • Snowman at the Mill Snowman at the Mill
  • Poppies in Lockdown Poppies in Lockdown
  • Comma on Eucomis Comma on Eucomis
  • Lockdown Poppies Lockdown Poppies
  • Nerines Nerines
  • Vintage Rail Vintage Rail
  • Poppy Bear Poppy Bear
  • The Three Bears The Three Bears
  • Harvest Festival Vegetables Harvest Festival Vegetables
  • Still Life, Turquoise and Orange  Still Life, Turquoise and Orange
  • Jugs, Jars, and Poppies Jugs, Jars, and Poppies
  • Highgate Bears Highgate Bears
  • Cyclamen Cyclamen
  • Great War Centenary Poppies Great War Centenary Poppies